Making your ideas a reality.


We try to see things through the eyes of our clients, we'd never make what we won't want others to make for us!


All our projects are multiplatform compatible and 100% responsive.

A drop of sonar

We always add that unique sonar touch that makes all our projects stand out from the rest.


You need customization after the order has been delivered? No problem. Contact our support team and we'd be glad to help out.

Premium Service

You can be rest assured of premium service from pre-sale interaction to even after the project has been completed.

We are so transparent

You can see right through us.

var InteractiveSteps = (function(){
	var steps = $('.js-steps-interactive');

	steps.each(function() {
		var step = $(this);
		var config = config = {
			headerTag: "h4",
		    transitionEffect: "fade",
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		var userConfig ='config');

		$.extend(true, config, userConfig);

Give us a try !

All words and no action means nothing. Let us put our words into action.

Other companies under the sonar brand

SonarGroup is a mother company to a list of others, take a look below.

Our Plans


From $300

  • Blog.
  • Portfolio.
  • Wordpress backend
  • Premium theme.
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From $450

  • Company website
  • Blog
  • Portfolio
  • Wordpress Backend
  • Premium Theme
  • Mobile Theme
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From $600

  • Online Store.
  • Blog.
  • Wordpress Backend.
  • Premium Theme.
  • Mobile Theme.
  • Android app.
  • Backend Theme.
  • Developer's surprise.
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Here are a couple of testimonials to show our good work!

Person's Photo

Austin Lewis

They set up my online store and even integrated a payment gateway on my websit!

Person's Photo

Andr Mayer

John should be given a raise! That man is a genius, my daughter loved the wedding website he made.

Person's Photo

Mellisa Black

I asked for a personal website to be built as a test because i didn't believe it was real. They really surprised me, well done guys

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Morgan Turner

They delivered in 5 days!!

Got a minute?

Talk to us, tell us your idea...


Here are some commonly asked question and quick answers.

How long is my order support?

All our customers are entitled to free customer support for up to one year after the project has been completed .

How do I request a feature?

All you have to do is contact support and state the feature you want to be added and it will be added for you.

How do I update?

When we send you the files required for the update, we'd let you know which files should be updated and where they are located.